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Remote Access Routers


VIPA Remote access router

VIPA Remote Access routers offer you access to your systems and machinery anywhere in the world, just as if you were sitting right next to them. Our remote access modules are using Talk2M, which is a secure connectivity service in the cloud. Besides the ability for remote access for troubleshooting and service options our remote access modules allow for data collection and monitoring. The VIPA Remote Access routers come with different connectivity options, i.e. LAN, WAN, MPI, or 3G.

The remote access modems connect to your PLC, HMI, IPC or IP camera and therefore drastically reduce your support cost. You can get your customer back up running in no-time.

VIPA Remote Access routers are the best choice for Remote Access.

EC61330 EC6133C EC6133D EC51460
Machine Connectivity
MPI/Profibus-DP Interface - - - Yes
USB Port 1 1 1 -
Ethernet LAN/WAN Ports 4 4 4 1
Remote Connectivity
Modem - WIFI 3G -
Ethernet WAN Ports 4 4 4 4
Talk2M Ready Yes Yes Yes Yes
OpenVPN Ready Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tag Polling - - - -
Alarm Management - - - -
Customized Webpages - - - -
M2Web - - - -
Scripting - - - -
Inputs/Outputs 2DI/1DO 2DI/1DO 2DI/1DO 1DI/1DO
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REPLACES 900-2C510 REPLACES 900-2C520 REPLACES 900-2C580 REPLACES 900-2C610
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