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100V is a very compact control system.

The system is designed for centralized and decentralized automation tasks.

The compact CPUs unify interfaces for communication and digital I/O peripherals in a casing.

By the use of up to four expansion modules the CPUs can be extended by up to 160 analog and digital I/O points.

With its space-saving assembly size it fits into almost any automation environment.

100V is immediately usable central and decentral without further components. The installation of the system and the enlargement of the periphery is extremely simple. The CPU is clipped onto a standard 35 mm profile rail. If the CPU needs to be expanded bus connectors are used for communication between the CPU and expansion modules on the profile rail in advance, after that the CPU and the 100V/200V expansion modules are snapped on - finished.

The scope of supply includes front connectors, labeling strips and, in 100V expansion modules, also bus connectors.

Performance and Application

100V is designed for centralized and decentralized automation tasks in the manufacturing and process industries for the lower performance range.


100V is programmed with VIPA WinPLC7 or with Siemens STEP7 in LAD, FBD and STL.


The CPUs in the system 100V have the work and load memory already integrated. Depending on the CPU version, users can choose from 8 kByte to 32 kByte work memory. In addition, MMC cards for storing program and data are supported.


For the connection of sensors and actuators are a variety of signaling modules in 100V, and 200V for acquiring digital and analog signals in and out of the process is available. Most of the signal modules from 200V are bus and functionally compatible to 100V.

Depending on the CPU, variant counter inputs and PWM outputs are integrated. Due to the counter inputs, complex and fast counting tasks in the manufacturing and process industries will be economically realized. The adjustable PWM outputs via potentiometer allow, for example, CCFLs to be "dimmed" or the speed of appropriate electric motors and fans to be regulated via impulses.


For the connection of serial devices, e.g. scanner or printer, and for the integration of systems from other manufacturers, different CPU variants are available with integrated interfaces. 100V provides fieldbus slave modules for PROFIBUS-DP and CANopen, with which the system also serves as manufacturer-independent, central, but also as subordinate decentralized fieldbus slave unit.

The fieldbus slave modules are integrated via the device master files into existing fieldbus infrastructure.


100V CPUs feature a integrated MPI port, integrated I/O and the power of the S7 Instruction Set.

Expansion I/O

Expansion IO modules for the VIPA 100V System in a variety of configurations.

Interface Modules

Profibus-DP and CANopen Interface Modules with Integrated I/O

Terminal Modules

100V Terminal Modules.


DIN Rail, Front Connectors and other Accessories for your VIPA 100V System.

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