Clean drinking water, not just a pipe dream.

It may seem unusual that a manufacturer of control technology knows how a sewage plant works, but for VIPA, it is normal. At VIPA, no one turns their nose up when it comes to dealing with anaerobic digestion tanks, activated sludge, and denitrification. In this field, there is plenty to do. Many water treatment plants in Germany are technically outdated, consume more electricity than necessary, and work too slowly.

Higher energy efficiency, lower costs, purely more water.

When equipping a sewage plant with state-of-the-art technology, many things need to be clarified, and in the end, the water has to be too. Such a system is in a relatively large area is a microcosm consisting of pumps, sensors, and last but not least, living creatures. Is it possible to synchronize the system perfectly, increase water flow, and significantly increase system efficiency?

Waterproof concepts and revolutionary innovations

VIPA control systems with SPEED7 are open and flexible enough to support all purification processes perfectly. They integrate well into plants, shorten the lines to external systems such as intermediate pumping stations, and have enough computing power to handle many variables such as rainfall amounts, oxygen content, and bioactivity in an intelligent way. Solutions from VIPA can be almost as simple as operating a faucet.