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Remote IO Systems

Remote I/O

SLIO 100V 200V 300S
Communications Profibus-DP
Modbus TCP
Modbus TCP
Siemens S5
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Compact and Powerful

By means of the modular and extremely compact design, SLIO can make almost any application simpler and more economical. SLIO can be combined and applied with any of the established VIPA systems, as well as many other automation systems. It´s one of the most effective and modern decentralized I/O systems available on the market. It combines high functionality with a clever mechanic concept in an extremely compact design.


The Economical Compact Control System

100V, with its compact micro design, is programmable with WinPLC7 and/or STEP7 from Siemens. Its high performance is based on the S7-300 instruction set. 100V offers, in addition to its tremendous versatility in use, nearly unlimited flexibility and high efficiency. Our Micro PLCs are especially suitable for use in smaller and cost-conscious applications, as the CPUs and fieldbus modules are efficiently expandable up to 160 I/O points by plugging in expansion modules.


The Classic Modular Control System

200V is a modular control system for centralized and decentralized applications, programmable with WinPLC7 and/or STEP7 from Siemens. Its compactness in combination with the instruction set of the 300S make it a very efficient system. With a variety of communication and fieldbus modules available, it can be used also for complex system topologies and is in use in thousands of applications worldwide. The sophisticated module concept enables the customized deployment in nearly every application up to the middle power range.


More Speed. More Memory.

300S, powered by SPEED7 makes this system one of the fastest and most efficient, µC based systems worldwide, programmable with WinPLC7 and/or STEP7 from Siemens. The CPUs with SPEED7 technology convince our customers not only with their outstanding speed. Reaction and signal processing time can be increased if necessary with the ideal SPEEDbus from VIPA. he unique MemoryManagement (memory expansion concept) from VIPA enables the memory adaption by simple change of the MicroMemoryCard without replacing the CPU.