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VIPA StarterKits are the perfect way to dive into the world of VIPA and Speed7. They offer huge discounts off of list prices and are pre-assembled for immediate use.

Technology Kits

Profinet and EtherCat are standard at VIPA. We combine worlds which you wouldn ́t consider possible. Would you like to find out what advantages these two real time capable systems bring? We have put together two suitable StarterKits.

Speed7 Kits

Are you already familiar with the standard S7 programmable controllers? What you probably do not know is the incredi- ble performance that can be reached with the SPEED7 CPUs from VIPA. With the SPEED7 StarterKits you can access the world of S7 programmable CPUs very easily. We have prepared some packages with which you can start immedia- tely. Experience one of the fastest S7 programmable CPUs of the world today.


Besides one of the fastest S7 programmable CPUs worldwide, with SLIO we also offer you the most innovative I/O system in the world. With the new SLIO CPU we take you to a completely new, independent and totally flexible level. You can con- figure many different versions with only one SLIO CPU. Just as you want it. We offer you our flagship product at an unbe- atable price.

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