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The solution that stands out among SCADA/HMI for excellent flexibility, power, openness and simplicity

Movicon™ 11 represents the state-of-art in Movicon™ Scada/HMI software technology, a platform for industrial supervision and control.Movicon represents over 15 years of technology evolution firmly based on the concepts of simplicity, scalability, power and openness. Progea’s exclusive “XML-inside” technology now performs to perfection in the 11.4 product version, which is fully compatible with the previous version, and renews the supervision concepts based on modularity and openness anticipating automation technology of the future.

By maintaining and expanding its scalability characteristics, Movicon™ 11 is proposed on the market as the software platform standard for all those operating in industrial automation, remote control and building automation, as an unique Scada/HMI software for any type of deployment and hardware.

Movicon™ 11 also integrates the SoftPLC technology uniting both the Scada/HMI and PLC programming environments together according to the IEC-61131 standard.

Movicon can be deployed both in touch panels and/or mobile devices based on WinCE, whether PC touch screen with Win7/XP Embedded, systems based on PC with Windows 8 or Windows Server, in complex and redundant, client/server architecture, connecting through with any type of PLC and industrial or civil field bus. Each Movicon application, whether in Windows™ 8, Windows™ 7, Windows™ Embedded, Windows™ CE, supports the powerful network technology where each device can become client, server or web server indifferently.


A Reliable, Powerful SCADA/HMI.

Movicon 11 is based on experience gained from over 80,000 applications worldwide

A well established technology allows you to combine powerful, openness and the unrivaled flexibility, having just one platform for deploying application from Windows CE to Windows 8.

Maximum Flexibility

Design once, and deploy you application for Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Windows Embedded, Windows CE and mobile devices.

The Movicon proven technology makes it possible to guarantee reliability at the same time, potential, openings and unmatched flexibility, providing a single development platform to design and deploy applications from Windows CE to Windows 8, with web access from smartphones and Tablets (iOS and Android).

Why is Movicon™ 11 SCADA/HMI technology so modern and flexible?

The technologies used in Movicon™ 11 are based on modern and innovative concepts, offering to user a SCADA/HMI platform reliable, powerful, easy-to-use, where thousands of system integrators and partners worldwide design their application with success.

  • Intelligent Editor

    • Combining power with simplicity is not so easy.This is where Movicon™ steps in, the only Scada/HMI platform put under severe usability and ergonomic tests passing with top grades. Movicon™ has been designed intelligently to fit all user needs to be more productive in less time and effort...
  • Vectorial Graphics

    • The more transparent it becomes the more efficient factory management is. Unlike before, users explicitly demand a more realistic presentation of their plant. They want that immediate look, feel and touch experience to promote that extra sensory perception. They want to be there but not be there...
  • Flexible

    • Movicon™ 11 is an all-in-one software platform from Windows™ CE to Windows™8 (Win32/64). What is so special about Movicon ™11 is that you only need to have this one platform in your company to use for micro applications in HMI terminals or /and medium to big applications for manufacturing plants....
  • Tag Database & Connectivity

    • The supervision systems are meeting points of all process data. The crossroads of non-stop production information flow of business enterprise systems. The communication’s strategic role is deeply rooted in Movicon™, where you will find all the tools you will ever need integrated to make information flow in the most quickest...
  • Alarms Management

    • The powerful Movicon™ 11 alarm management guarantees maximum precision in managing events and provides users with a rich source of information consenting continuous and immediate knowledge on how the plant is running, enabling them to improve on reducing production standstills and improve efficiency...
  • Historical & Analysis

    • Process Data Recording with object oriented Data Loggers. Powerful and secure automatic DB connection (SQL Server - MySQL - Oracle, other via ODBC Manager) management for archives based on relational DBs. Powerful Data Analysis and Trends objects for every historical analytic need...
  • Reports Designer Integrated

    • Movicon™ 11 offers unbeatable report management potentiality. The built-in powerful Report Generator, based on .NET technology, allows users to create powerful visual reports using statistical and graphical functions.Furthermore, a Report Embedded manager allows the reports management even under Windows CE...
  • Security

    • The Movicon™ 11 applications guarantee maximum security and reliability. The User and Password management, complete and robust, has been explicitly designed to guarantee that projects are realized with simplicity and integration in conformance to the CFR21 part 11 specifications issued by the American FDA agency (Food & Drug Administration)...
  • Powerful Solutions

    • Every developer is well aware the more tools they have at their disposal, the much quicker it is to create projects, confidently knowing they have the full potentiality to deliver client satisfaction. Movicon™11 has been designed to do just this by offering a wide range of functionalities, native and integrated in the platform to cover every developer need...
  • Web Client

    • Built-in Web Client technology innovation. The Web Client, based on Java technology, is truly web-enabled to guarantee openness and multi-platformness while maintaining performances, security and bidirectionality. Access to data from client stations also based on APPs for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and RIM Blackberry...
Features Movicon 11 CE Basic Movicon 11 CE Standard Movicon 11 WIN Standard
Available for eco Panels eco+ Panels,
Professional Panels,
Panel PC with WEC7
Panel PC with WES7
I/O Bytes 512 4096 Default: 32
Option: 128, 512, 2048
Graphics Library
Power templates -
Alarms max. 1024 max. 4096 max. 2048
Accelerators and Menus
Touch Screen
Event Historical Log TXT & XML only
Dynamic language change
IL Logic (SoftLogik)
VBA Multi-threading max. 2 sources
ActiveX- OCX -
Debugger OnLine/Remote
Dynamics trends
Historical trends TXT & XML only
Data Logger max. 2 on IMDB
Reports - only Text Reports Embedded Reports
Network operation
Multi-driver capable max. 2 max. 2 max. 2
SMS/E-Mail -
OPC DA Client
OPC XML DA Client -
VBA Drivers interface -
Web Client - 2 Users Option
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