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Touch Screens

Touch Screens

Eco Panels

The new ecoPanel series enables completely new possibilities for mechanical and system engineers: efficient visualization at attractive prices. The VIPA ecoPanels are particularly suitable for efficient operation and visualization. >>

Professional Panels

Our professional Panels are particularly suitable for use in the areas of factory, process and building automation. classicPanels with their aluminium die-cast housing and front protection IP65 are particularly robust and can also be successfully applied in harsh industrial environments. >>

Panel PCs

The combination of industrial PC with state of the art performance features and a Touch Panel with ideal display capabilities enables the user to concentrate high performance into the smallest space. The latest Intel Atom processor technology, large integrated work memory and display resolutions of up to Full HD with the 21.5” panel PC are state of the art. >>

  Eco Panels Professional Panels Panel PCs
Screen Sizes 4.3"-15" 5.7"-12.1" 15.6", 21.5"
Processor ARM 533MHz (Available Cortex A8) Xscale 800Mhz Intel Atom
RAM 128MB 128MB 2GB
Ethernet Yes Yes Yes
RS-232 Yes Yes Yes
RS-422 Yes Yes Yes
RS-485 Yes Yes Yes
MPI / Profibus-DP Optional Yes Yes
USB Yes Yes Yes
OS Windows CE 6.0 Core Windows CE 6.0 Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7
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Movicon Visualization System

  • Vector graphics editor with powerful and clear symbol library
  • Comprehensive I/O driver library (variables import from the PLC possible)
  • Efficient alarm management
  • Multi-lingual language support
  • Disturbance and operating data acquisition
  • Archiving process data with trend curves
  • Comprehensive driver library
  • Project scalability of Movicon basic systems to Movicon SCADA platform
  • Secure and comprehensive user management
  • Remote management for project planning and remote maintenance
  • Remote access via standard VNC client possible
  • Integrated Ethernet TCP/IP networking
  • Integrated IL logic (STEP5/STEP7)
  • Also deployable, of course, in combination with many controllers of other producers

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