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SLIO stands for Slice I/O. The system is very compact and can be adapted piecemeal exactly to the requirements of the application.

The system is designed for decentralized automation tasks.

With the help of the power module (PM), color contrasted from the signal modules (SM) and functional modules (FM), these are supplied with power and separate potential groups can be defined as required. The terminal module (TM) combines clamp, seating for the electronic module (EM) and mechanical bus connector. The electronic modules are connected to the terminal module in a secure sliding mechanism. In the case of service, only the electronic module is replaced by simply pulling out of the terminal module – wiring and mounting remain on the 35 mm profile rail. The step-formed spring-type terminals on the terminal module enable a quick, clear and secure wiring. Through integrated status LEDs and the label strip on the front a channel-specific, unambiguous allocation, and readability of the channel conditions of the electronic module is ensured.

All interface modules (IM) for PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, PROFINET, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP and Modbus/ TCP support up to 64 electronic modules.

The space-saving assembly size allows use in any automation environment.

Assembly is very easy: First the terminal modules are connected, then the electronic modules are inserted into the slot designated for the terminal module until the connection between both module parts is established by an audible click.

SLIO is one of the most highly efficient decentral systems worldwide and is evolving daily.

Performance and Application

SLIO is designed for large decentralized automation tasks in the manufacturing and process industries. SLIO expands key solutions and is integrated with the help of the device master files into existing fieldbus infrastructure. Through the new backplane bus concept the interface modules (fieldbus slave) in SLIO enable very short response times for signal processing.


A variety of signal modules are available for the connection of sensors and actuators for acquiring digital and analog signals to and from the process. For positioning, path measurement, counting tasks and other functions further functional modules are continuously being developed.


SLIO includes interface modules (fieldbus slave modules) with different fieldbus protocols by which the system, manufacturer-independent, can be integrated into most automation concepts.


SLIO CPUs, with or without Profinet I/O Functionality. Featuring expandable memory and SPEED7 Technology.

Digital Inputs

Super slim and affordable Digital Input Modules.

Digital Outputs

Super slim and affordable Digital Output Modules.

Analog Input

Analog Input Modules for SLIO CPUs.

Analog Output

Analog Output Modules for SLIO CPUs.

Interface Modules

Several communication options to couple SLIO I/O to existing automation networks.

Power & Terminal Modules

Power & Terminal Modules for SLIO CPUs.

Communication Processors

RS232 and RS485 Communication Processors.

Function Modules

Counters and Motion Modules.


Memory Expansion Cards and other Accessories for your VIPA SLIO System.

Starter Kits

SLIO Profinet CPU and Profibus Remote I/O Starter Kits.

All Modules at a Glance

See all available SLIO modules available.

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