Building Technology


Building control systems and building automation are relatively new fields. Until a few years ago, a house that could be more automated than simply shutting off the heater at night seemed utopian. The need for advanced control systems came with the energy revolution – and the very rational realization that even the most environmentally conscious person does not think all day about whether a lamp is burning too much.

VIPA controllers are more intelligent than regulations.

Closing the blinds instead of turning on the air conditioning, not letting rooms cool down completely, but heating them efficiently, identifying power guzzlers, and displaying them graphically - in such details contain the most potential for savings. VIPA CPUs with integrated interfaces to other bus systems perform this task better than any facility manager around.

The savings opportunities are expandable. So are our systems.

The energy revolution has only just begun - VIPA systems are ready for everything, whatever may come next. They are simple to extend and easy to integrate into new systems. For example, aligning solar panels with the sun while simultaneously turning down the fireplace at the same time -using a clear graph that perhaps you should replace the windows.