We always wanted to improve what already existed.

VIPA GmbH was a start-up before the word was ever invented. Founded in 1985 by Wolfgang Seel, driven by his enthusiasm for automation and the necessary vision for the possibilities of this industry. All this at a time when the Commodore 64 was considered to be the top performer. It's true that the first company address wasn't a garage, but nevertheless a three-room apartment. For the business plan however that's all the room that was needed: Thinking laterally, offering alternatives but remaining compatible.

The first products were supplements and optimizations for existing Siemens systems, then in the 90’s the first PLC-System of their own was added, after that innovation after innovation followed.

Today, with its range of products, among others offering one of the fastest Hard-PLCs, VIPA is now completely established as a automation solution provider and not only as a strong contender as alternative for the S7 Family from Siemens. Being open to many fieldbus systems VIPA is flexible worldwide.

A global player with a commitment to the region.

VIPA GmbH is now represented in over 60 countries, has almost 300 employees and is (with an annual turnover of around €50 million) a successful company. One that is still native to Franconia, producing here and creating jobs. One that grows continuously but will remain agile. Because the ways are shorter and decisions can be made like our best PLCs are called: with Speed.

Innovative automation technology

There is no advancement without innovations. Innovations open new solutions. Innovations bring success. Its customers and partners see VIPA as innovative, because solutions are created by leaving usual routes that bring real competitive advantages. We focus on customer requirements, whether it is simple or complex solutions!

VIPA customers live the advancement

Our focus to completely satisfy our customers is the main part of all our activities. Our various automation platforms focus on the requirements of our customers and partners. For 30 years we have been able to completely satisfy our customers with advanced technologies that are part of today´s industrial standard.

The VIPA team - a guarantee for success

Our highly motivated and qualified employees ensure the quality of our products and service on a very high level and to the satisfaction of our customers. We constantly scrutinize and revise what exists already and from there develop new products. As a medium-sized company we can react very flexibly, quickly and effectively to changing market needs.


  • 1985 Founding of VIPA GmbH in Erlangen
  • 1988 The world's first Inrack PC for Simatic from Siemens
  • 1990 Strategic orientation of the company towards hardware components
  • 1995 The world's first TCP/IP prozessors for Simatic from Siemens
  • 1996 Premiere of their first own PLC system 200V
  • 1997 Founding of the ASIC-Design center
  • 1999 Founding of the sister company profichip GmbH
  • 2000 The company moves to Herzogenaurach
  • 2001 Premiere of the Micro-PLC System 100V
  • 2003 Premiere of the SPEED7-Technology, the fastest Hard-PLC in the world
  • 2005 Premiere of the Touch Panel Family
  • 2006 Premiere of the SPEED7-Chips 7001
  • 2007 Premiere of the C-class CPUs with SPEED7-Technology
  • 2008 Premiere of the Profibus Interface for the Integration of S7-Systems in S5-facilities
  • 2009 Extension of the company headquarters with fully automatic high-bay storage, training rooms and new office space; Premiere of the I/O system SLIO®
  • 2010 Certification of the company in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • 2011 Premiere of the first PROFINET products
  • 2012 Presentation of the VIPA automation framework SPEED7 Studio
  • 2012 YASKAWA Europe GmbH Acquisition of majority of the shares of VIPA GmbH
  • 2013 VIPA Controls America turns 15!
  • 2014 Release of the new, powerful and flexible SLIO PLC line. Release of a PanelPC line.
  • 2015 VIPA GmbH turns 30!