WinPLC7 Lite PLC Programming Software

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  • Supports programming in Ladder Logic (LAD), Function Block Diagram (FBD) and Statement List (STL)
  • Integrated PLC program analyzer
  • Integrated software for offline PLC simulations
  • Graphical hardware illustration and simulation
  • Import and export of S7 programs from Siemens
  • Online connections via MPI-adapter, Ethernet, TCP/IP and VIPA "Green Cable"
  • Display of program structure and cross-reference list
  • Clear project logging
  • Automatic insertion of symbols, parameters and DB-variables for programming
  • Convenient hardware configuration of VIPA 100V, 200V, 300V, 300S, 500S systems including SPEED-Bus modules and S7-300 controllers from Siemens
  • Profibus-DP configuration for Siemens and VIPA controllers
  • Profibus-DP network diagnostics
  • Configuration of TCP connections for VIPA controllers with Ethernet function
  • Supported operating systems: Windows XP/7/8


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Note: This software is a free download with registration. This software is only for development of VIPA 100V PLC programs. For development on other platforms, please purchase the full license

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