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What can you do with WinPLC7 V5?

  • You can write your STEP7 program in STL, FBD or LAD.
  • After this you can upload the written blocks to the on-board PLC Simulator to simulate your program.
  • Use the PLC Simulator window to change the state of the digital and analog inputs and watch the results.
  • The intellisense window of the block editor shows only suitable addresses- so you can enter your code more efficiently.
  • The live address location window shows you all locations of the current address in the block editor.
  • The variable monitoring tool has a own web server. So you can watch the variables even on a smart phone or any other mobile device with a web-browser. You can also enable the speaker symbol in this table to hear changing addresses over a wireless headset.

Key Features

  • WinPLC7 is a complete programming software for S7-PLC with many additional features
  • Write your PLC program in STL, LAD or FBD
  • Simulate your PLC program with a PLC Simulator
  • Import- and Export your original SIEMENS S7-Project
  • Built-In hardware configuration for VIPA SLIO, 300S, 100V, 200V and Siemens S7-300
  • S7-Intellisense for a faster and better programming experience
  • Synchronize function: upload only the modified program blocks to a PLC
  • The built-in PLC Simulator can also be connected via TCP/IP (for third party software/hardware, e.g. operator panels)
  • Special feature: watch the variable table on your smartphone
  • Special feature: hear changing addresses in the variable table with a wireless head-set

Operating System Support

  • Windows 7/8 (32 and 64 Bit)
  • Windows XP (32 Bit)

Multiple Language Support

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • French


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