IBHsoftec 20266 - IBH Link S7++ Ethernet/MPI/DP Gateway

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IBH Link S7++ Ethernet to PROFIBUS Converter

IBHsoftec 20266

The IBH Link S7++ Ethernet to PROFIBUS Gateway is the most flexible, cost-effective programming solution for drive configuration, communicating between a PC and Siemens controls, controls communicating with each other, or Field Device Tool applications. The IBH Link S7 ++ eliminates the need for a communication processor or SimaticNet software on the PC or the PLC side.


The IBH Link S7++ is a compact and robust Ethernet Converter for connection via a switch, hub, or directly to the PC with a simple network card. It uses the standard TCP/IP protocol making it possible to set up remote maintenance via standard routers or VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections in addition to a direct internet connection. With the IBH Link, S7++ online functions are possible via PROFIBUS DP with up to 12 Mbit/s or via PPI/MPI.


The IBH Link S7 ++ features:

  • CommDTM for FDT Container freely available
  • GatewayDTM for DP / PA Link freely available
  • Configuration via a web browser
  • IPv6 support
  • Configuration via NetPro
  • Windows 8 64-bit support
  • Windows 10 64-bit support
  • STEP7 64-bit support
  • Time synchronization
  • Reading out the S7 diagnostic buffer via a web browser
  • Diagnosis of PROFIBUS IO via a web browser
  • Setting the IO parameters via DPV1
  • Data record routing
  • Project planning of drives
  • Integration in the TIA Portal
  • DHCP
  • S7 routing via RFC1006
  • Fetch / Write via RFC1006
  • PLC-PLC communication
  • Process data access with other Controllers, Windows, and Linux
  • Support for STARTER, S7-PCT, PDM, LifeList
  • Project planning and diagnosis of field devices via TCI
  • Panel configuration
  • Online on SIMATIC S5 via SINEC L2
  • Up to 16 parallel PC connections
  • Up to 32 parallel MPI / DP connections
  • Automatic bus profile recognition
  • PG socket
  • RJ45 network (10/100) with auto-negotiation
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Power supply directly from the MPI / DP interface
  • External 24V power supply


The controller can be programmed using the IBH Link S7++ via Ethernet, similar to a communication processor. It includes all the necessary drivers for SIMATIC S7, IBHsoftec S7 SoftPLC, STEP7 from Siemens, and S7 for Windows®.


The IBH Link S7++ works together with the IBH OPC server which can also be used to connect the visualization with the PLC.


Standard HMI applications can communicate with the IBH Link S7++ via RFC1006. In addition to the programming functions, it contains an application programming interface for HMI applications on the IBH Link S7++. Examples in Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual C ++, VB.net, Visual C #, Delphi, Java, and Excel are included for Windows operating systems. Samples are also included for Linux. After installing IBHNet, you will find the examples under: \IBH softec GmbH \ IBH_Net \ Samples.


Another advantage is the easy configuration of the IBH Link S7++. The quick set-up is carried out directly in STEP7 or S7 for Windows®. The IBH Link S7++ automatically detects if it is connected to a 10 Mbit or 100 Mbit network. Power is supplied directly from the MPI / DP interface if available, otherwise, it uses its integrated 24V plug.


The IBH Link S7++ converter connects to the corresponding socket of the PLC and the hub or directly to the PC. Next, install the driver on the PC. Finally, assign the IP address with the configuration program, and the entire installation process is now complete.


More info on our WIKI site wiki.ibhsoftec.com.

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