Energy Savings for Life-Help

We help save energy for those who need theirs for more important things.

For more than 40 years, the non-profit organization Life-Help Association in Forcheim has supported people with mental disabilities. As with all non-profit organizations financed by taxes and donations, funding should not be sunk into bureaucracy and go up in smoke. Developing a building management system for this facility was a point of honor for VIPA.

A climate control system that helps, even against a social cold shoulder.

The team of Life-Help is determined, as is so often the case in social professions. Their training and further education offering are as wide-range as the VIPA product line. As a result, their classrooms are all very different. There are lecture rooms, community rooms, and workshops. The new control system should simplify the daily life of the staff by easy operation and the greatest possible degree of automation. Heating, ventilation, lighting, and blinds, since then, are controlled with VIPA components and operated via touch panels.

Barrier-free, but with restricted access.

In some cases, the VIPA installation even takes over some of the supervisory obligations, making everyday life much easier for the personnel. Life-Help required an intelligent access control system to prevent children from playing in the workshops or disoriented persons from getting lost in the hallways. A touch screen and an RFID badge reader are equipped on every door that only the respective attendants can operate.