Johannes-Diakonie Building Control System

Not an ordinary job. A civic project.

The Johannes-Diakonie is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in Germany. Since 1880, they have been taking care of people with intellectual disabilities. The city of "Schwarzacher Hof" has grown steadily with the institution. Today, almost 700 people live and work there. There is a school and a private clinic, and although it is a small city, it even has its own drinking water source. They desired a new energy management concept with cutting-edge automation technology. VIPA was needed.

Caring is not a foreign word to us.

Even the control system for a single building needs to be well thought out. It was about keeping the big picture in mind, taking into account daily routines, and simplifying the system operation in Schwarzach. Each heating and air conditioning system, the total power, and the water supply are controlled by SPEED7 CPUs and regulated by multiple HMI terminals. The data is collected decentrally through the new, compact remote I/O SLIO system.

A good lesson. Even for VIPA.

A total of 30 Ethernet-connected PLCs and touch screen HMIs, were ultimately necessary to control and bring the infrastructure of the entire institution up to date. Projects of this size, even for experienced teams, are a challenge and a learning opportunity. This training and further education have enabled us to go even further. As soon as the control cabinets closed, we were contacted to carry out another project of this type in Mosbach.