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Compact CPU

300S+ Compact CPU


VIPA 300S Compact CPUs combine all the power and flexibility with the added benefit of integrated I/O. Available in memory capacities starting at 64KB with expansion capabilities up to 2MB. All models feature integrated Ethernet PG/OP, RS485 and MPI ports with select models offering Profibus DP Master capability. Performance is no compromise with these economically priced PLCs, with bit instruction speeds as low as 0.01µs. All models can be programmed using VIPA Speed7 Studio, WinPLC7 and Step 7 v5.5.

312-5BE23 313-5BF23 313-6CF23 314-6CF23 314-6CG23
Load Memory kB 1MB 1MBB 1MBB 2MB 2MB
Work Memory (Integrated) 128KB 256KB 256KB 512KB 256KB
Work Memory (Maximum) 1MB 1MB 1MB 2MB 2MB
Ethernet PG/OP Port Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RS485 and MPI Ports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ASCII/USS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Modbus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Profibus DP Master - - Yes Yes Yes
Digital Inputs 16 24 16 8 24
Digital Outputs 8 16 16 8 16
Digital Inputs/Outputs (Selectable) - - - - 8
Analog Inputs - 4 - 4 4
Analog Outputs - 2 - 2 2
Counters 2 (10kHz) 3 (30kHz) 3 (30kHz) 4 (100kHz) 4 (60kHz)
Front Connector Incl. 392-1AM00 392-1AM00 392-1AM00 392-1AM00 392-1AM00
Bit Instruction Speed 0.02µs 0.02µs 0.02µs 0.01µs 0.01µs
VIPA SPEED-Bus - - - Yes -
Programmable In:
WinPLC7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Step 7 v5.x Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
TIA Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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