S5 to S7 Conversion at Kleemann

At VIPA, What is said, is done.

The tin can is a prime example of a good idea that was not well thought out. The tin opener was invented not until 45 years after the innovative container. That would not have happened at VIPA, the reason why the Kleemann Metal Packaging company trusted us for the new controller of their pallet conveyor line, the logistical nerve center of the company.

Twenty-year backlog dealt with within two weeks.

We often hear that you should never touch a running system. However, at Kleemann, it was high time even though everything worked. The plant was still running with S5 technology from the 1990s, and the storage space extended twice. They were also missing a pallet detection system between production and storage. The only possible date for the changeover was during the New Year holiday. VIPA accepted this challenge in less time than it takes to open a tin can.

Concentrating on work between party kegs and holidays.

Exemplary service is our cup of tea, and so the work was accompanied by the sound of firecrackers while the project team set up technological fireworks. Converting from S5 to S7, installing touch panels with new logistic software, and integrating the whole into the higher-level "Navision" ERP system. Concerted action and entirely in accordance with the wishes of our customer:

I purposely wanted only one contact partner for everything. With VIPA, all the hardware came from one source, there was only one person responsible and no coordination problems between multiple suppliers, which may have jeopardized the timetable.

Herbert Sittinger, Kleemann Metal Packaging