VIPA SPEED7 CPUs in use at Varta


We accepted the order from XAPI Software GmbH to equip a Varta battery production line with our SPEED7-CPUs with great enthusiasm. The precision that is needed in production made this project an accolade for our controllers. After all it was a matter of filling four to five hundred batteries per minute with an exact amount of electrolyte without spilling a drop.

With such challenges we are fully charged up.

So the project team came into the battery section – and was confronted with a highly challenging task. Why? Because for cost reasons the existing controller should remain unchanged, but had to be faster by at least one third. That meant combining trouble-free the existing S5 components with the new S7 technology.

A solution with juice and power.

During implementation the proverbial compatibility of the VIPA controllers was able to prove its worth. The "meeting of the generations" was successful, finally the CPUs 315N/NET and 317N/NET were deployed with plenty of working memory and two Ethernet interfaces each . A configuration that paid dividends: The increased performance was between 40 and 100 percent.