Reconstruction and Modernization of Bottling Plants

The bottler of soft drinks uses the reconstruction and modernization of its bottling plants to be equipped with the latest VIPA control technology for future requirements.

A new process control system requires new PLC hardware.

With the integration of the new Plant iT process control system from ProLeiT AG, it was clear that the S5 control system reached its performance limits. EMIG required a more powerful control system in terms of speed and memory. With VIPA SPEED7 CPUs, they found the desired solution. With 140 digital I/Os and 15 analog inputs in the pasteurization process and bottling area alone, there is no problem for the CPU 317SN/NET. Also, the connection to other decentralized signal modules via PROFIBUS and visualization linkage via the integrated Ethernet interface was child’s play for the CPU.

From Bottle Washing to Palletizing - Everything is controlled by the PLC.

Before the filling process begins, the packaging is cleaned aseptically in pasteurizers. The VIPA CPU controls and monitors all the pumps and valves and regulates the temperatures in a narrow tolerance range. Integrated into the control and regulation circuit are valves, flow meters, conductivity meters, frequency inverters, pumps, and visualization. After the pasteurizers, the packaging runs to the actual filling machine, which sets the flow rate, and thus, the speed of juice production. It is fully automatic because there is a lively exchange of data between the pasteurizers and filling machine through an I/O interface.

But this is not the end for the PLC controller. The filled packaging now travels into the palletizer, where they are labeled and finally packed for transport in a foil wrapping machine, all automatically controlled by the VIPA PLC.

Universal Control System for Different Requirements

The VIPA controllers show what they are made of. They can cope with the additional requirements of the communication sector, for example, the extended process of data communication and visualization without any problems. The VIPA 300S CPUs provided a universal solution for the different areas of deployment that exceeded the expectations of EMIG in terms of performance requirements of the control system, design, and price. VIPA technology will equip other areas of fruit juice bottling because of this positive experience.