VIPA faces all challenges, even those in a language with 18 special characters and 44 letters. By 2012, it was not enough to recite their ABCs at Mercedes-Benz. They should also know their HU because a new plant for the compact vehicles was built in Kecskemét near Budapest. VIPA was to play an important role there and without stuttering.

Wanted - A solution that produces more than just hot air.

The order originated from the technical management of the building rather than from the automotive sector. But it is necessary to take into account the requirements of this industry. For example, paint booths do not tolerate dust, certain materials must avoid moisture, and workers do not want drafts. Additionally, the system should be energy efficient, and all of this in 300,000 square meters.

It's nice when someone demands "the best or nothing at all."

VIPA's ambition is to deliver the best. For Mercedes-Benz, we were able to deploy a cost-effective solution with our PLCs with SPEED7 technology, SLIO remote input/output system, and bus technology adapted for the incredibly complex ventilation system, filters, and air conditioning. And now we know that "controller" is "vezérlés" in Hungarian.