VIPA SLIO StarterKit - Yaskawa Drive and VIPA SLIO EtherCAT - OBSOLETE

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Part Number:
9.00 LBS
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit


Yaskawa Drive and VIPA SLIO EtherCAT PLC StarterKit

This StarterKit includes our SLIO 015N CPU, SLIO EtherCAT I/O Remote I/O rack and a Yaskawa V1000 Drive with EtherCAT interface.

Our StarterKit program is available for new customers to get familiar with the world of VIPA.


  • 1x 015-CEFNR00 CPU015N PLC
    • 256KB Work Memory
    • EtherCAT Controller
  • 1x 053-1EC00 IM 053EC - EtherCAT Slave
  • 1x 001-1BA20 CM 001 Potential Distribution Module (4xDC24V, 4xDC0V)
  • 1x 021-1BF00 SM 021 Digital Input (DI 8xDC 24V)
  • 1x 021-1BD00 SM 021 Digital Input (DI 4xDC 24V)
  • 1x 022-1BD00 SM 022 Digital Output (DO 4xDC 24V, 0,5A)
  • 1x 031-1BB30 SM 031 Analog Input (AI 2x12Bit, U)
  • 1x 032-1BB30 SM 032 Analog Output (AO 2x12Bit, U)
  • 1x Yaskawa V1000 Drive, 230Vac Single Phase, 1A
  • 1x Yaskawa V1000 EtherCAT Option Card
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x USB Drive w/ Manuals, Software, etc.
  • 2x 950-0KD10 PN/EC Cable, 1M incl. 2x PN/EC Connectors (972-0PN00 + 830-0PC00)
  • 1x Ethernet Cable
  • 1x SPEED7 Studio License
  • 1x 35mm Profile Rail 140mm
  • 1x Case

Special Offer: Add a 5.7" Professional HMI or 7.0" Eco HMI for 40% off list price.

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