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DTA, Detmold


In a sewage treatment plant there’s always something that is being stirred. For Detmolder Abwasser GmbH it was only logical not to simply replace the outdated control but to reconsider all the processes from anew. There was, well, a need for clarification there. And a good contact partner in such situations is VIPA GmbH.

We work cleanly even between sludge tanks.

That the plant had to be converted for SPEED7 technology was clear. Everything else was queried in meetings and viewing dates and the ideas channeled and prepared – pumping procedures, time frames, internal processes. The result was a sophisticated load management significantly reducing operating costs and remarkably increasing the efficiency of the plant.

The result after control discussions and system critique:

The SPEED7 PLC is particularly flexible for our requirements due to its modular construction. We can use the same CPU in all areas and then extend it depending on the task by up to 32 modules with the most various range of functions – no other manufacturer is so effective.

Herbert Bäumer, Project Leader

For us the investments have already paid off – not only in the form of lower energy costs, but also in more transparency, more efficient use of resources and higher process reliability.

Bernhard Dowzanski, Detmolder Abwasser GmbH