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Control system retrofit

Finance your machine upgrade/retrofit - grow your business

VIPA and US Bank have entered into a Partnership to offer financing solutions.

For more then 40 years, US Bank has helped customers to finance their new or used equipment, including machine upgrades with faster controls systems and retrofit machines with modern control systems.

For more then 30 years, VIPA has build control systems for small, medium or large applications to help customers to increase revenue and reduce cost.

Many businesses are running with old control systems, for which it is difficult to get easily and cost-effective spare parts and cause sleepless nights. In addition manufacturing equipment is still running below their output potential and are waiting for upgrades.

Advantages of using new control systems in old machines:

  • better reliability
  • easy spare parts availability
  • cost-efficiency
  • up-to-date control systems know-how
  • faster PLCs to increase output
  • lower operating cost
  • peace of mind

An upgraded/retrofit machine is an investment into your success and the future.

Sometimes upgrading a machine to a modern standard seems a doubting task due to its possible expenditures. Using an equipment financing solution that offers 100% financing can be a smart move.

Advantages of financing a retrofit/upgrade project:

  • control your monthly costs
  • keep your assets liquid for other projects
  • eliminate end-of-equipment life hassles
  • optimize your financial management and accounting
  • tax benefits under Section 179
  • increase your profits

VIPA wants to make it easy for you to upgrade or retrofit, therefor we are offering the ideal way to maximize your profitability and ROI. The interest rates are competitive and the terms are designed with manufacturers' challenges in mind. Best of all, the application process is very quick and simple.

To help American Manufacturing to continue to rebound VIPA is offering very special financing terms:

Current offer for VIPA control systems* financing thru November 30, 2015:

12 Months 0%
24 Months 1.9%
60 Months 2.9%

*VIPA unrelated parts of the complete equipment retrofit can be financed as well, at market rate.

Take advantage of this offer by contacting VIPA to help you with your retrofit needs before year-end and contact US Bank to start the simple application process and receive a pre-qualification approval.